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Athlon Mobility Consultancy

Who are we?

Athlon Mobility Consultancy provides tactical and strategic advice for mobility issues. With our integral approach which incorporates all aspects of mobility and our innovative mobility concepts, we respond to the rapidly changing mobility and job market. We help organisations make the right choices in mobility.

Our service always starts with a scan of your mobility policy: where are the problem areas? Where could savings be realized? And, equally interesting, how does your policy compare to other comparable organisations? This resulting ‘picture’ of your organisation forms the starting point for our mobility audit, whereby we chart existing mobility schemes, how they affect HRM and IT, your Total Cost of Mobility (TCM) and - above all - recommends how it can be done cheaper and better.

At Athlon Mobility Consultancy, we distinguish ourselves by providing you with several possible solutions, all customized to your specific needs and wants. Our webtool Momas also enables you to register and manage all your mobility forms and allowances. With our help, this total change program can be implemented within several months.

Our integral approach provides advantages for both employer and employee, for example (cost) efficiency, sustainability and being an employer of choice.

Athlon Mobility Consultancy is currently operating in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. In the short term, however, we also plan to expand our operations to Germany, as well as to Spain, Poland, Portugal and Italy in midterm.



Athlon Mobility Consultancy