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De Lage Landen

Extending leasing possibilities

De Lage Landen is a global provider of high-quality asset-based financing products. Headquartered in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), De Lage Landen is 100% owned by Rabobank. With offices and joint ventures in more than 35 countries worldwide, De Lage Landen specializes in asset financing and vendor finance programs on a worldwide scale. The global offering also includes an array of commercial finance solutions. The company focuses on the following industries: Food & Agriculture, Healthcare, Office Equipment, Technology Finance, Financial Institutions, Transportation and Construction & Industrial. De Lage Landen also offers private-label leasing programs for the Banking industry, and delivers a broad range of financial services to leasing organizations and non-banking financial institutions.

In the Netherlands, De Lage Landen offers a broad range of financing products, both through local Rabobanks and directly to the market. These products include Equipment Leasing, Car and Commercial Vehicle Leasing, ICT Leasing, Consumer Finance and Factoring.

Athlon Car Lease International became part of De Lage Landen Group in 2006. Athlon Car Lease International is an international provider of operational car leasing, active in eight European countries.

In 2008 De Lage Landen achieved a net profit of €235 million and a lease portfolio of €23.3 billion. By year end 2008, De Lage Landen had 4,965 employees. For more information, please visit our website: www.delagelanden.com.




De Lage Landen